A little secret.

The diary page is meant for advice, experiences and answers to questions I may get from you guys. There's no way I came out of the womb with confidence and self love. A little secret: at one point I was obsessed with fitting in and getting the approval from some people and guys. It doesn't happen overnight and it's not easy to ignore, but that's what #ILOVEME is meant to help with and why a diary was important to add :) Anything you ask me will always be confidential and I will always help with what I can. To contact me just go to the contact page and you'll see different ways to get in contact with me.

(If it's instagram I will always answer a DM relating to this!) 

Q: How do I break up with someone that I've been with for a long time? I know I'm not getting what I deserve but because it's been so long I would hate to throw it away.