Q: How do I break up with someone that I've been with for a long time? I know I'm not getting what I deserve but because it's been so long I would hate to throw it away.

A: I've gotten this type of question 8273263 times. I've been through it too. It's one of the hardest things letting go of someone that's been in your life for so long and that knows you so well. I get it! But the main thing is to ALWAYS put yourself first. If you don't love yourself and respect yourself, that person won't either. You have someone that knows you and knows they can say and do whatever and you won't leave. That's the issue. Now they take you for granted and nobody deserves that. Stand up for yourself always. No matter what the situation may be, it will always be hard to break up with someone you have history with and you care about. Put yourself first, treat yourself how you want to be treated. You've spent so much time putting effort into someone who doesn't appreciate it so now put that same love and effort into yourself. Let go of toxic people. Take care of you and the rest will follow, but never ever let someone treat you less than you are. Be the boss you know you are! 

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