Why are you single?

I will never get over my hatred for that question. Why are you asking me why I'm single? Why I don't have a boyfriend? Insinuating that a girl that looks a certain way needs to be in a relationship, and needs to have a man. Or, that something has to be wrong with a girl for them to be single.  Is it the craziest thing ever to be alone, and be happy about it? To do whatever you want, to make your own money, to change the world, just because you're a female? It's so extremely crucial that young girls aren't taught to get married or marry someone successful. Instead, teach them to be successful all on their own. 

Send pics?;)

Q: How do I break up with someone that I've been with for a long time? I know I'm not getting what I deserve but because it's been so long I would hate to throw it away.