This is still a thing?

Why are ladies STILL fighting over men? This is still a thing? I can't believe how many beautiful women are still fighting over men who ain't sh!t. How someone can cheat or mess around behind your back, and you take your mans side and forgive him, yet hate and yell/fight with the girl he was messing with. Chances are, you ladies are in the same boat. You probably don't know about each other. Instead of standing up for yourself and leaving that man and empowering each other and talking about it, you whine and fight and continue to make yourself look foolish. Be better than that!! Stand up for yourself in every situation. Educate yourself about the situation so you don't look like a fool. No one says you have to buddy buddy with the other girl, but if you are hurt from that situation so is she. Yeah you're probably thinking "Oh I do not care about that other b*tch." But realize how much power we all have as a whole. How much good can come from women helping each other instead of fighting with each other. "You are not a queen if your throne is made out of all the girls you stepped on to make yourself look superior." Strong women build each other up, not tear each other down. 

It will pay off!

Send pics?;)