It will pay off!

I'm exhausted today but had a few things to share. When I first started #iloveme, I was thinking about the future of it and what it could stem off into being and the money I could make from it. I wasn't looking at the bigger picture, which is why it never really went anywhere. Once I figured out that I rather inspire people and changes lives, everything changed. Once you change one person's view of life and make them feel better about themselves, you never want to stop. That being said, today I went to new york (what's new?) and started shoots for this #iloveme movement. (Photographer @timgrasint) During that shoot I got so much excitement knowing I was creating more material for this movement because girls are looking at this and thanking me for it and it made me just want to inspire even more. A huge part of loving yourself is creating a happy life where you wake up every morning chasing your dream and not letting anything get in the way of it. No matter what your goal is, do everything it takes to get there. It may sound impossible, or stupid, or like you won't get a following or audience depending on what it may be. But, I promise if you give it your all and you do everything it takes to get there, it will happen for you! I don't expect to inspire every woman overnight, but if I can inspire at least one a day, that means the world to me and gives me more motivation. Point being, whatever you are chasing just remember; it's never too late, too small, or too dumb. Focus, work hard, and it will pay off. 

PSA: Creeeeepy!

This is still a thing?