Bad day.

So you know those days where you feel completely down and upset? Like the smallest thing ever could make you cry. Today was that day for me. I felt completely weak and mad at myself for not posting today because I had nothing inspiring to write and then realized how important it was to pick myself up and use a bad day as an example. Whether it's once a day, a week, once a month, etc. It's okay to cry and be upset over the dumbest little thing or something big. It's okay to have an off day. The posts I write come from the confidence and the self love in me that I want to share with you guys in hopes you all feel the same about your beautiful selves. BUT, we can't forget that there are days we won't be happy with how we look or something that happened and that's okay!!! The key is to get back up. I know it's easier said than done, but it comes in time. With every situation, try to look at the upside. If it's a bad day in general and you say there is no upside, just let it be. Let it be for the day. Get sleep, wake up and restart. Just because you're a boss ass b*tch, doesn't mean you don't have feelings. We are all still learning and still taking different steps in order to be our best selves. Be strong and powerful enough to say okay, that sucks but I can make it better, I can do better and I can be better. 

Take that first step...

PSA: Creeeeepy!