Take that first step...

Today I had someone ask me for advice. Their sister is in a toxic relationship where the man doesn't treat her right and she pays for every date and uber for him to come see her. First of all, love is about compromise and doing what you can for the other person 100%. But, if it's one sided let that sh*t go! I know it's easier said than done, of course, like any situation. But if a man isn't willing to step up his game and make the effort for you, he doesn't care about you ladies. I know you'd like to say oh no he loves me and cares about me but what is he doing to show you that? Spending your money? Using you? and you think that's love. Some are so obsessed with being in a relationship that they don't know the difference between a healthy one and an unhealthy one. Which is ok! We don't all know and we haven't all experienced it. That being said, If you  know you're in a toxic relationship of any kind, love yourself enough to let it go. I promise you there is more out there for you. You do not work hard to spend it on a man that doesn't appreciate you. When people show their true colors do not waste your time try to paint a different picture. You can't change someone and a lot of the time people stay in those types of relationships because they think they can. Unfortunately, if it hasn't happened yet, it won't. The other person needs to love and care about you and WANT to change for you. One of my favorite quotes (located in the motivation tab) says "that love sh*t will leave you unfocused and broke. The reason I started this is to show how strong and independent women are. Whether you are yet or not, it's in you! We are all capable and powerful. You can leave that toxic person or situation. You CAN do better. Also never believe that you're too far into a relationship to leave. You can do whatever you want pretty lady! Just take that first step. It may hurt at first and it won't be easy but you will be much better off doing so. 


Bad day.