Before I started this site I didn't love myself as much as I should've and I did certain things that made me question who I was. Many people bring up a certain situation about me and a person much more known without getting the full story. At the same time it's no one's business, so I won't go into detail, but that experience was one of the reasons I started this site. I was naive and thought oh how cool is so and so hitting me up? Being flown out to places and being with this person thinking it was something real. It wasn't. It was a situation where someone with money and power knew exactly what they were doing to use me. That really opened my eyes because it shows you that no matter how much money or fame someone has it doesn't mean they're a good person. It also means that someone with that money will always hold it over you and use it against you. I'm grateful to have realized it when I did because most girls don't know when they're being played or used.  For anyone that's been or is going through the same thing, it's so important you stay true to yourself and realize it's not worth selling yourself short to be associated with people who don't truly care about you just because they are either famous, rich, etc. Being a good person with good intentions always comes first. Also always try to be aware of when you are being used and never allow anyone with any type of status do that to you. You are worth way more. 

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