Top tier, tfm girls, etc.

Being posted on these instagram pages should not make you sell yourself short or do something you're not proud of. Obviously girls want to be posted on it for more followers and for people to see them. I've been on Old row and thankfully no one was creepy about it and didn't ask me for anything in return. Unfortunately, other accounts do. I've had someone from another account (not saying names) ask me for nudes in exchange for being posted on the page. HONEY! I promise you it is not worth it. Sending your personal pictures to people you don't know isn't worth the followers. Never do it if it doesn't seem right or you're not comfortable. You'll find another way to get out there without selling yourself short! Never ever put something on the internet that you don't want there forever. I've learned the hard way! But protect yourself and your body ladies. No one else will! Unless you're 100% comfortable with it which is also ok, never lose your self worth over social media. Secondly, Just because you don't get posted on them doesn't mean you're not beautiful and sexy etc. Other people will always have their own opinions about what beauty is. It has nothing to do with you, because people are going to judge and criticize whether you're doing bad or good. Stay true to yourself. Know that it's not important and you are so beautiful in your own way! Loving yourself isn't easy but taking baby steps are crucial. If you don't stand up for you, nobody will.