"You judge a man.."

"You judge a man by his actions not his words! He can promise you the world, but if nothing materializes from his promises he's just talking." I've gone through it, maybe we all have as women; hearing a man say and promise but never do. Yet, we're still falling for it. Stop letting guys use words and fake promises to get in your pants. That's ALL that type of man is after. A man of action, a man that's there and shows you the effort and that he cares instead of just saying it, is a man that truly loves you and wants you. I've written about men bringing you down in relationships but stop allowing it to even get to that point! Your love, your soul, your body, are all so special. YOU are special. Not everyone should be allowed to be a part of that, and stop making it be so easy for them to. Letting every man in that says nice things or shows you pretty things will only lead to hurt. Be more aware of the people you let in your life! Be aware of the tricks they'll use and the cute lines. I've been there, but the lines get old, it's no longer cute or amusing, it's just straight up boring and unoriginal. If someone wants to be with you they will go above and beyond. You don't need or deserve to be treated like some average girl. Also, as girls we joke around about being crazy and maybe some of us are a little protective and crazy and there's nothing wrong with that, but a psycho is not OK!! I've been that insecure girlfriend that never lets a girl be around their man. Looking back I say to myself What the hell was I thinking? Giving your man space to be his own person is so essential to a relationship. If you can't do that without thinking something will go wrong, you already know that's not the man for you. A man that PROVES to you that you're the only one he wants, will never be doubted. It will come easy instead of leading to overthinking. What feels wrong, is. What feels right, is. Trust your gut, every time!

Get unstuck.

International Women's day!!