Get unstuck.

I know how cliche this is about to sound, but life is too damn short. I've seen friends family members, old friends, etc. die recently and it's such an eye opener. Take yourself out of toxic situations and remove yourself from relationships that don't deserve you and do it NOW. Stop saying you will and just do it. Stop putting up with shit thinking it's going to change, it's not. You want to see the world? Work for the money and do it. Asap. Stop making so many plans for the future with excuses as to why you won't do it now. Allow yourself to live no matter what anyone tells you. Quit the shitty job, I've been there and I thought fuck what am I going to do? You get right back up and you find a job that you're happy at and treats you well. You chase that dream. Stop playing games with the one you love, say it straight up and be done with it. If you want something, go for it with full force. Stop worrying about what people will think, cause 10/10 times they are jealous, too pu$$y to do it, or just a hater and we don't got time for haters! Put your energy in the things that will make you happy. Don't wait for something tragic to happen for your eyes to open. Bettering yourself and loving yourself enough to do all of these things doesn't come fast or easy, but start now. Life is too damn short to be stuck. GET UNSTUCK!

Future is female!

"You judge a man.."