Who am I to judge anyone or their relationship? Nobody at all. I don't know what's going on and I don't know how you guys work. What I DO know is that as a woman you need to value yourself. You need to be your own boss. You should take every opportunity you can to get yourself ahead of the game. Unfortunately, the relationships I've seen and gotten advice on include the man not allowing the woman to do what she wants. One thing that's super important in a relationship is trust, and being able to lift each other up and the excitement for your partner when they get good opportunities even if it makes you a little jealous. Jealousy is normal. You can't control it. But once you get to the point where your jealousy is controlling the person and stopping them from living their lives, you need to look yourself in the mirror. Where is the insecurity coming from? Ladies, you know if you're the type of woman to do what your man says then if they say you can't go somewhere you're gonna be like, "ok babe." But when the roles are reversed they go out and do what they want. STOP THE NONSENSE. You should both be equal and both be growing!! It is not healthy or okay for someone to overpower the other in a relationship. (I'm not saying it doesn't happen to men because I've seen it happen to men.) But I am saying girls have it a little bit harder. You don't want to lose your man so you do what he says right? Is he your father now? What happens if/when he leaves you? Do you even have a sense of independence anymore? It's so important you live your own life on your own terms. Loyalty is an obvious need in a relationship if there's no loyalty and trust there shouldn't be a relationship. Stop allowing males to dictate your life and your choice. It's never too late to start working on yourself and that sense of independence! It's always okay to grow even if you get questioned on it. Don't be afraid to lose someone that doesn't want you to be strong and independent. You don't have time for that type of negativity and insecurity in your life and once it clicks for you you'll never want that type of energy around you again. 

International Women's day!!

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