International Women's day!!

It's obviously super important I write about a day like today. I've left social media for a few days to try to focus on bigger things without any distractions. I started a vegan diet (that I'll be posting about on the beauty and health section when I'm done) and wanted to transform myself and my life for the better without posting too much on social media. I love my movement and I love posting everyday inspiring people, but sometimes when you want to work on yourself it means disappearing even for a little bit. Not everyone needs to know your next move and how you grow. Anyhow, Happy international Women's day! I love all of you strong women. I hope we take today to realize how amazing you are. Each and every one of you! I hope that everyday you take an extra step and try something new that changes your life for the better. That makes YOU happy. I also hope you give yourself recognition not only on a day like today but every few days. Loving yourself is not easy. Make sure you forgive yourself for mistakes you make and congratulate yourself on the good you've done and how far you've made it! Wake up every day knowing you're good enough, you're capable, and you can do it. Love yourselves! Love the strong women around you! 

"You judge a man.."