You don't owe them sh*t.

I'm constantly hearing guys complain about being nice girls and getting rejected. OKAY?? and??? Women do not owe you anything for being a decent human being. You're not entitled to anyone or anything just because you're nice to a woman. Ladies, even if it gets to a point where you are given something or you are in a situation where you feel like you owe someone something just because they've done something nice for you, stop right there. You don't deserve anything less than the best. You don't owe anyone anything and you should never be influenced or forced to do anything just because something has been done for you. Nobody deserves to feel like they have to do something in order for someone to treat them right or be the "nice guy." Pardon my french, but just be the fucking nice guy. It's overrated. Just be a good person without expecting anything in return. Stop putting girls and women in awkward and uncomfortable situations just because you think you deserve a reward for being a decent human being. As for my girl gang, you don't owe them sh*t. 

The woman you're becoming will cost you.

Future is female!