The woman you're becoming will cost you.

Listen, when I first started this movement I knew there would be people that disagreed, or wouldn't like what I would write, etc. but from the bottom of my heart, I do not care. I started this  to teach little girls, teens, women all over who don't know how to love themselves and don't know how to put themselves first, to do so. To learn that saying no is sometimes a positive thing. To find the strength that is already inside them. Not to let males push them around. To let go of toxic relationships and situations. I didn't start this to be liked. When I learned to put myself first and let go of people's opinions, it threatened those who are clearly not happy with themselves or just like to hate on others and to be totally honest I am too busy working on myself to hate on anyone around me. So if you got beef with me, you really only have beef with yourself. The woman I'm becoming did and will cost me relationships, spaces, material things, etc. But I would choose her over everything. So, choose to become the best you possible, knowing that it will cost you people around you simply because they don't like to see you change and grow. Choose to sacrifice material things and say no because you deserve better. Choose yourself, every time. 

The truth is..

You don't owe them sh*t.