The truth is..

Hey guys! So I realize my last post was over a month ago and I apologize I've been on vacation for most of this month and my wifi is subpar uploading everything is a pain in the ass but I really wanted to take this time to highlight a very important topic I've come across lately. On vacation, I post a ridiculous amount of beach pics, swimsuit pics, booty pics, selfies etc. I am not ashamed of it at ALL. I could not care less about the opinions of others, but, I do find it very hard to believe that that is how a person chooses to label another person. How can you call someone rude names because of the stuff they post on social media? Open your eyes people. These apps do not define the person you are. You know nothing about a person and continuously let social media define the person they are. If you don't like someone's posts, stop going out of your way to trash them. You literally have all the power in the world to block them and never see it again. It's gotten to a point where people just need to stop judging and ALLOW others to be happy. But, I know that's not going to happen. And all of you need to know that too. There will be many people that use every chance to bring you down. Rise above! You are allowed to feel yourself and have fun. You are allowed to thirst trap shit I even encourage it. There was a time I was overweight and wanted to cry looking in a mirror. I've come very far and you bet your ASS I'm going show off that confidence.  I came to a conclusion a while ago that you need to let miserable people stay miserable. Do whatever makes you happy. Do not let others determine how you act, what you do, what you post, etc. The truth is some people will never even know you and will utterly hate you for who they think you are. 

I take the L.

The woman you're becoming will cost you.