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#ILOVEME is about women loving themselves and taking care of themselves.. It's about creating a world where us women can say what we want, dress how we want, eat what we want, post what we want, LIVE how we want, being comfortable in our own skin without ANYONE telling us how to do so. People will try everything they possibly can to tear you down and that being said, a lot of it comes from the people we care the most about. When I first started talking about this movement many people thought it was more about loving your body and loving how you look. Of course that's incredibly important and crucial to the movement but not exactly the point I'm trying to make. I want to show little girls, teenagers, and women that don't know it yet, that they can make it without anyone else, especially a man. I'm so tired of seeing beautiful, intelligent, talented women feeling less because of a male. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with relationships or men, I'm simply saying that you must love yourself enough to walk away from people and situations that bring you down. Not a lot of girls have the confidence to do so, and #ILOVEME is all about helping girls and women everywhere gain that confidence and that self love.